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    I thought about titling this Blog entry "out of the closet" but because the gay connotations it might confuse things, I decided to go with the  'The Big Reveal' instead. This is my second blog entry and while I promised one every week or so, it's more like a month. Still I'll try to be more regular from here on out.

     The subject of this blog will be big news to me, not necessarily that big to others. but it will answer some questions for the future.

     I've been writing for a long time. In fiction I've written science fiction, fantasy, horror, epic sword and sorcery, crime and mysteries.- nearly 200 short stories, novellas and short novels.

      I'd never read much in the field of romance or general mainstream fiction. In  about 2010 I discovered a web site titled Literotica and discovered stories about sex and relationships.
It's a porno site but it also contained a number of actual STORIES about women and men tearing each other up.

     I was drawn to this and starting writing a few of my own. I started writing a long story about an epic divorce and the impact it had on the two people involved, their family and the people around them - When We Were Married. 

     At about the same time I discovered the existence of e-novels,  and outfits like Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble  and started thinking about publishing on these venues. After I started, I ran into a problem and it kept getting in my way.

     When I wrote  science fiction, or fantasies or mysteries, I knew what I was writing. When I started writing as DQS I had to try to explain to readers what I was doing. My stories had elements of romance, but they weren't romance. They had sex but they weren't porn. I finally had to describe them generically as 'love stories' which is a crappy description.'

     THE BIG REVEAL: What I write are STORIES OF THE WORLD, SEX, LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF MEN. Most everything I've written as DQS follows this framework.  I like to think I've written some strong female characters, but they aren't the main focus of the books and stories: with a few exceptions

     If you look below the two blog entries you'll see a list of my novels which will give you an idea of what I do.

     Whew! I feel better getting that off my chest!

     Since this  is the first blog of a new year, this is a good time to bring you up to date on current and future plans.

    '˜The 'Currency of Time' which has already been published in a limited form is finished and has an ending. It just needs a 'little' proofing before being published.  (little = a week or so) Unless I throw in a short story or two which will take a little longer.'

 There are two novel/anthologies coming next:

          'A Good Day' a comic book super hero/sf with a few super hero stories thrown in


          'The Winter Road' a fantasy novella with a few fantasy stories thrown in.

      About 95 percent of everything in these is already written, which is why I'm going to try to move these out next;

      I'm finishing two related novels, 'There Are No Beta Males, Only Losers' and 'Lady Or The Shark'  I love these because they have SHARKS: a first for me. I also like Lady Or The Shark' (LOS) because it takes a bite out of the Me2 movement. These have different plots and themes but they're closely related.  I'm guessing End of February: maybe.

     The next novels I'll publish 'because they're already written and have been scanned in pieces will be 'Hunter's Prey' and 'The Best Dead Detective Around' 

Detective was my homage to the great Mickey Spillane and 'Hunter' at 210,000 words was the longest thing I'd ever written until WWWM, it took me the longest to finish (18 years), and it is the favorite of all my books of any genre.

     Along the same lines, I'm republishing and re-packaging a previously released novel. 'Tis A Far, Far Better Thing' with  a new title, 'NoTime For Love', a new cover and a new description. 

I'm doing this because the title and cover were wrong for this book. Only the last 10 or 15,000 words related to sacrifice for love. The bulk of the book is about HOW men fall in love. Again, this will be very easy to turn around and re-release.

       The book I'll probably spend the most time on this year will be WWWM5, 'Stay, She Said.' This deals with a major change in William Maitlandâ's life and the re-introduction of one of the most important characters in the series.

     So, there's lot of stuff coming, but very little writing to do.

     On a few other matters: if anyone feels like logging onto my facebook DQS page and leaving 'likes',  that would be appreciated.  I've never much cared about Facebook at all, but people do keep track of your image on Facebook.

      I recently received an e-mail from a reader who noted with amazement 'you;re not even on Wikipedia!!'

     I don't know that it's possible to be MORE INVISIBLE! than that

     So if anyone wants to let people know I exist by leaving a 'like', I'd appreciate it.

     And if anyone would like to leave an entry on yours truly on Wikipedia 'making me a real person' I would not mind  making you a real person (sort of) by introducing you as a character in a future book or story. I've done it before and it worked out well.

     Last but not least. I've appreciated all the reviews I've gotten for my books. I'd like more. short or long, concise or a treatise, whether or not you like my work, please leave reviews.


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Daniel Quentin  Steele (DQS) / William Edward Marden (WEM)

Hello to all the readers who have followed me since 2010 and those of you who have never heard of me.

 I want to tell everyone  who knows what I  write that I have been a truly crappy example of a writer who  responds to fans. 

What you're reading now is I hope the first change in that pattern. I intend to put this blog out once a week. Sometimes, there will be bombshell developments, like the one above, other times just updates on what I'm working on,  pieces that will probably always be fragments or pieces about what I like and don't like in the media.

I will also try to include from time to time my thoughts on writing and tips I think will help younger writers who haven't spent 40 years writing and selling almost everything, I don't think I'll have the answers to many questions because I honestly don't have many answers - I don't even have many questions.

As to the above: I really wanted to call it LOVE IS A BATTLEGROUND ( I LUV THAT SONG) but  for obvious reasons and to avoid legal hassles I decided to go with WAR ZONE

Why is that important? Because it distills the essence of my writing since 2010. I visualize the world as a vast, teeming hive of men and women of all shapes and sizes, nationalities, culture, ages. I exclude lesbians, homosexuals and LGBT types. Not because they are unworthy of writing about, but they are not MY interest.

As to the vast majority of the heterosexual population, I see them as imprisoned on either side of barbed wire fences away from each other.Take away the symbolism and we are all imprisoned in our own heads. Some of us are lucky and gifted with looks or charm or fame and they make it over the fences easily.

For many of us, making it over to the side of love and sex and marriage and friendship and companionship is fraught with pain and embarrassment. The people we love betray us, we betray those who love us. There is divorce, adultery and death. No marriage is ever rock solid. No woman can be trusted, there is no woman who will never stray in the right circumstances. Women already know that about the men in their lives.

AND YET, the broken hearted continue to hope, to trust that one day... WE clutch the sharp barbed wire strands  between our fingers, press the points into our flesh and watch the blood drip around us. WE do not let the barbed wire fall from our grip.

We re-marry again and again and the Millenials who are too smart to fall for all the traps that snared their parents and grandparents live together, and believe SOMEHOW that ending  a 10 year relationship won't hurt every bit as much as a divorce blooded their parents. We date in person and on-line, praying that the Telecommunication God will be more merciful
than the God Jehovah, or Allah.

"LOVE IS A WAR ZONE" will be the cover of an upcoming anthology and probably my logo for Twitter and Facebook.

.I can't change my past. But I intend to change the future. In the past eight years Ive had 10 novels published on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. Which is not really a terrible track record, but for writers of e-books it's pretty pitiful. They're all listed below on this blog.

For starters,  I have launched the Daniel Quentin Steele Blog. I'm going to post this regularly and I'm going to try to contact ALL my fans because it will be a lot easier to stay in touch with everybody through a Blog.

I can't use my website, because much as I love the graphics. it's been taken over/invaded by  a similar website and most of the comments are about ads for narcotics, health foods and  high priced tennis shoes, mostly in Russian.  Apparently none of my old fans have ventured onto it for years.

('m in the process of trying to get all my books out as POD paperbacks and I'll notify you as this goes along, plus you can see it on the book purchase pages.

For the near future, "The Currency of Time" is finished and still in the editing process.

I've started on Book 5 of the WWWM series. I could actually, USE SOME HELP FROM READERS. The title will either  be "Stay, She Said," or "She Said, Stay." They both say the same thing,  but they feel very different. To me. 

My shark story, "There Are No Beta Males, Only Losers" will be finished shortly to be followed as soon as possible by Part 2 -" The Lady or The Shark." This will be the most controversial story I've written, That will probably keep me very busy.

I hope those of you who have followed me will check out my new work, and those who are new will be me a chance.


PS. I love comments. Feel free to leave them on this blog whose address is above or send comments to


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Tis A Far, Far Better Thing

Ghosts And Shadows

When We Were Married Book Four

When We Were Married Book Three

When We Were Married Book Two